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A Letter To Our Government

A Letter To Our Government

Dear Members of Parliament,

This week the United Nations released a report that stated the catastrophic conditions that our Earth currently faces. This report stated that not only were 1 million species classified as extinct, but the rate of species extinction is now progressing faster than ever.

To say that I’m worried is an understatement.

I’m petrified.

I’m petrified of what’s to come if change doesn’t immediately occur.

Members of Parliament, you would agree that as a young 20 year old woman, I shouldn’t need to worry about issues such as this; yet I do.

I worry about whether the earth will survive long enough for my children to grow without the imminent threat of extinction.

I worry about how far I’ll be able to progress in my career before we become too close to extinction for me to get any further opportunities.

Lastly, I worry if there will be adequate food and water for me to thrive or if we will have wiped out so many species of animals- including bees which are dangerously close to extinction - that our environment will be too damaged to grow food.

I know that I’m not alone in this fear and desire for change. Tens of thousands of people - young and old, rich and poor - believe it too. You have seen that we are willing to march together to make sure that our demand for change is heard.

We are in a era where the damage is becoming so severe that we are facing the consequences of our blatant disregard for our environment.

Are you aware that the rate of bushfires increased by 40% during 2008-2013? This is causing devastation for Australian families, as well as our native wildlife. This will only get worse. Every week this past summer brought a new natural disaster and every week we saw a new report that we were reaching weather temperatures that had never been recorded.

I can already see what will happen if we don’t make change now. We will kill every other species through our own behaviour and in return, our Earth will suffer.

As Sir David Attenborough stated, our behaviours are so powerful that we can ruin ecosystems. Through this, we must acknowledge that we are apart of an ecosystem that needs our protection now.

I understand that apart of me cares too deeply. The thought of animals suffering and the death of our planet brings me to tears; which isn’t how a lot of Australians feel.

However, these issues are important and without change will only get worse.

Our native wildlife is suffering. Just recently we have experienced an increasing issue of kangaroos being killed and moving more into residential areas.

This isn’t their fault, it’s ours.

Our native wildlife is running out of food because we are drying up and breaking down the land. As we continue to increase in size, and further degrade the land, we will continue to negatively impact the lives of our native wildlife.

Allow me to reiterate this - I know that others may not believe in the issues that are happening in the environment but I am only one human and my individual actions cannot create a big enough impact without your help.

My behaviour is just 10% of the total issues. I try my best to ensure that I am living as eco friendly as I can. I eat a vegan diet, I try to reduce the waste I produce as much as possible, I walk or take public transport whenever I can, I reduce my water usage and conserve the amount of energy I use.

Even though I do all of this,  it needs drastic support from the government so further change occurs.

Believe me when I say that I understand it is difficult. The one thing that humans struggles with the most with is change. It is very difficult to change lifestyle habits, especially ones that have continued over decades, such as coal power or a diet with such heavy consumption of meat.

Nobody likes change or to acknowledge when things are wrong.

However, Members of Parliament, I am urging you now that the election is in 8 days, please see that climate change needs immediate attention. With your support and ideas, together we can create a brighter future.

Yours sincerely,




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