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Summer with a Spinal Cord Injury

Summer with a Spinal Cord Injury

Summer has officially ended and it has been one of the hottest on record. Just this week throughout Australia there has been consecutive days of the weather ranging between 30-40+ degrees. I am not a person that copes well in the heat. An effect from having a high level spinal cord injury is that it is difficult to regulate your body temperature. This happens worse in the summer because I don’t have the ability to sweat if I get too hot. This is a big issue if you play a sport that peaks in the summer, like mine does. There’s been multiples times where I’ve almost made myself sick because I’ve had to compete when I’m feeling too hot.

This common issue is not only for those with spinal cord injuries, but for those who just struggle with the heat. in general. As Summer has began and no doubt there will be many more hot days to come, here are my top tips to keep cool in the heat:

  • Cool yourself before you get too hot. I have found this to be the most beneficial thing when trying to regulate my body temperature. If I find myself becoming to hot I try to go somewhere cool or cool myself down. When I get past the point where my body is too hot it is hard to cool myself down and I just become irritable, which is not fun for anyone.

  • Find things to cool yourself down. I have a few little things that I use to cool myself down and I take this with me when I’m training. I use a portable misting fan which is great to use and extremely affordable. I also take a wet face washer with me so I can wet my skin, this has been something that I have been doing ever since I can remember.

  • Drink plenty of water. It’s so secret that keeping yourself hydrated is beneficial not only for your health but also to cool yourself down on the inside. Keeping a drink bottled filled with cold water with you is a good habit to ensure that you keep throughout summer.

  • Relax. Keeping yourself relaxed and just staying in doors is a no-brainer. Throughout the summer I try to exercise early, before it’s too hot and then for the rest of the day I rest indoors binge watching movies.

This is just a few small tips that can seem like common sense but it is extremely beneficial so that you can enjoy summer just like everyone else. Summer is meant to be fun and we all want to enjoy the sunshine and everything that the season has to offer.

The Environment

The Environment