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2018-2019. A reflection

2018-2019. A reflection

Last New Years Eve feels like a life time away. I had just completed my final year of high school and I was celebrating it with a long time boyfriend. At that time I was trying desperately to save a very broken relationship and navigate new found freedom that came with getting my license, finishing school and having a scholarship. I donโ€™t recognise who I was back then, I know aspects of who I was then are still here now but I just feel like I am a different person. I donโ€™t like who I was then. I was hurtful to so many loved ones just because of my own stubborn behaviour and not noticing how my actions affected others. So much has changed throughout the year.

The beginning of 2018 can only be described as trying to navigate who I am and what life is like outside of high school and let me tell you, did I struggle. My struggles became at about the mid term break of the first semester at Uni when I started severely deteriorating in my mental health. This lasted for many months throughout the year until I started changing things in my life. I changed the course I was doing and I started doing more things out of my comfort zone to meet others and for my own personal development. This is when everything started to change. Slowly I started meeting new people and my life was growing bit by bit. I found new things that I liked to do and I was focussed on improving myself as an individual.

If I had to summer up 2018 I would call it as a transition. A transition into who I am and who I want to be. A transition into 2019 for it to be bigger and better which can provide many great things where I can continue to grow. I am so excited for 2019 and I want so desperately for it to be my year. 2018 was rough with so many challenges but I fee like I have finished 2018 on a good foundation to build on in 2019. There are so many things that I am excited for this year and Iโ€™m looking forward to it.

I am trying not to name any resolutions because I never have and Iโ€™ve heard they only work 75% of the time. Instead, I have decided on a vision that I see myself as and who I want to be a long with some statements of what I want to do in 2019 to help me get there.

  • Improve all aspects of my physical and mental health. Have a good diet and work out plan so I feel happy within my body. Also, continuing to improve on my mental health.

  • Improve my skills in my job, music and sport. Give everything 100%.

  • Improve my social circle. I want to strengthen the relationship with my friends and create a new one so I have a strong group to support me.

  • Continue to do my part to help the environment. Be eco friendly and educated.

  • Continue to grow. I want continue to becoming the better version of my self and being kinder to others.

Happy New Years! I hope 2019 is wonderful for you too.

Being Cruelty Free

Being Cruelty Free