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Climate Action

Climate Action

Like the thousands of people who marched on the 20th of September, I believe that climate change is a real threat to our livelihood. I was pretty moved by the actions on the day, seeing so many people extremely passionate about an issue that frightens you to the very core made me feel like maybe, change will occur. At the end of the day I reflected on the day and what this issue means to me. As an individual who suffers from anxiety, climate change is just another theme to add to list. It is no secret that climate change frightens me, just reading a newspaper article about the reality of the issue can change my mood. I know that I’m not alone in these fears; hundreds of children and parents are terrified of what the future holds.

Just this morning I read an article that by 2050, 150 million people will be displaced as a result of the rising sea levels. That is 6 times the population of Australia. What will this mean for human civilisation? Where will these people go?

These thoughts and many others about the reality of climate change cross my mind daily. Some people worry about what house they’ll own whereas I worry whether we’ll have enough natural resources to live and if we’ll still have native animals roaming our lands.


I can already see what the future holds if change doesn’t happen, it’ll be very bleak and it’s the innocent who are the ones that will suffer. Already there is an inequality in how climate change is affecting communities, it isn’t the big businessmen or those in highly developed countries; it is the small island nations which played a very small role.

This is why I attend protests, speak up and try to keep up the conversation when I have the chance. There have been many mixed feelings about the protests from members of the public, with some feeling that it is what is needed and some stating that it unfairly disrupts the lives of the innocent. But if I’m being honest, global warming will cause more disruption than a half an hour traffic stop.

Together, we need global action to ensure that we are moving to a more sustainable future that protects all lives, not just the lives of the wealthy. We need to be growing our own crops, consuming less, using carbon neutral transport, using renewable energy and supporting the natural environment.

It doesn’t take too much effort to begin to create change, our own small actions can create the momentum for our government to listen.

Here are my handy tips to start living a more eco friendly life:

  • try composting

  • try to reduce the amount of packaging in the home

  • increase the use of public transport or car pooling

  • eat more plant based meals or do meat-free Monday’s

  • shop at more 2nd hand stores

  • plant more trees

There is no reason for why we can’t show our planet the love and appreciation it deserves.

Mental Health

Mental Health